Max Spiers Channeled by Karl Mollison 14Nov2017



Max Spiers Channeled by Karl Mollison 14Nov2017 Max Spiers was a much loved, followed and self-proclaimed Super Soldier, and Satanic Ritual Abuse victim. He was born in Brighton England and grew up in Canterbury, Kent, and Brighton, but also spent time living in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. He was born to mother Vanessa Bates on the winter solstice, December 22nd of 1976. He died  July 16th, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland under suspicious circumstances. There were claims of drug use, being sacrificed in a Satanic Ritual and that he vomited a black substance before passing. Karl found that Max had not transitioned successfully and so a spirit rescue was performed on Oct 30, 2017 and Max, the Light Being gives an account of that event here in this channeling. Max claimed that he was involved in uberman projects with James Casbolt in the UK to create a a super human warrior and breeder and that he had been involved with this since his birth. Apparently there was also a connection to the Montauk Project and time travel. Max was sometimes nervous and awkward, yet somehow extraordinarily charismatic in many of his interviews. He also claimed to have multiple personalities which is understandable given the Montauk connection. Max gave multiple interviews and became quite popular amongst the “experiencer” community probably due to his often unassuming and humble demeanor and his apparent and sincere care about many heart-centered subjects commonly not discussed in the popular “super soldier” venues. These included the Divine male and female paradigms, the natural world and children among others. He claimed to be one of the children from the IBIS program, and that he was a sparring partner with James Casbolt as a child when James and the surviving children were brought over to the UK. Max did talk about being abducted as a child with a screen memory of witches coming into his room during the abduction experience. He was experimented on as a part of a super- soldier program and he explains some of that here in this channeling session. We invite you to listen to Max’s story from the other side, as a Light Being. Victory to the Light! Here are the questions: [00:28:02]: Is it true that you were murdered and if so was the perpetrator or perpetrators human or non-human? And is this being and/or beings still incarnated and if not, do they need a spirit rescue? [00:32:27]: What was the most sensitive information that you were revealing towards the end of your life as Max Spiers? What was the real issue they did not want you talking about publicly? [00:35:49]: Can you describe your spirit rescue, before and after and what your life is like now as a Light Being? [00:48:54]: What is the relationship between the Saudi and Washington D.C. so-called dismantling and the Alien Agenda? [00:57:37]: Does our sun orbit a binary partner and does that explain precession of the equinoxes? [01:03:09]: You often spoke about the important role of the divine masculine as the protector of the divine feminine. However LGBT issues relating to the promotion of “gay pride” or resisting “hate speech” have become more prominent in our times. For example Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, just passed a law that could allow the government to remove kids from their home if their parents oppose the new transgender ideology. Is gender confusion being promoted as a way to undermine humanity’s sovereignty over our own sexuality? [01:14:36]: In April of 2016 you mentioned in a video interview that everything would come out alright and that things would likely get worse before they get better, is that still your view? [01:29:40]: Were you a part of the Mercenary Army Program or Secret Space Program, and if so, what was the nature of your service? [01:41:52.22]: In terms of what is being done to children on this planet right now which groups of humans and/or ET perpetrators are in need of healing and why? [01:50:55]: Is the following proclamation sufficient to stop most alien or human abductions? “I recant, revoke, renounce, null, void and destroy 100 percent of all soul contracts with all ETs that are not in 100 percent service to Benevolent Divine Source/The One Infinite Creator/The Benevolent Crystal Star Presence, and/or which were not made in the best interests of my highest soul experience". Karl Mollison is a psychic medium and channeler who provides remote spirit releasement and rescue, spirit clearings, karmic repair, channeling services and divine healing worldwide: http://www.TeamArchangel.com. Karl also facilitates life-transforming trauma resolution and replacement of limiting beliefs in person or by phone nationally and internationally: http://www.Mind-BodyAdvances.com. He is a certified Basic and Advanced DNA ThetaHealing Instructor and has studied a number of shamanic healing modalities. He is a Level IV Healing Touch apprentice, was trained in Reconnective Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl, is Board Certified as a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and a Certified Practitioner of Holographic Memory Resolution.™ Prior to starting his spiritual path as a healer, he was a research scientist and inventor, authoring over 100 published abstracts and peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as five U.S. patents for drugs and medical devices.

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